What is madero therapy?


Maderotherapy is a special type of anti-cellulite massage, which is performed by specially designed wooden blinds, rollers and cups! Basically this anti-cellulite The technique is stimulation of lymphatic drainage, which is the first and fundamental step in the fight against resistant cellulite. And wherever we stimulate lymph drainage, as a desirable effect, besides aesthetic, we also have complete detoxification and relaxation of the whole organism!

Who is recommended for maderotherapy?

Anti-cellulite massage is recommended for anyone who wants to free cellulite on legs and thighs. Maderotherapy Unlike classic anti-cellulite massage, results are much easier and faster. Not to mention the effects on overall health. At least two batches of 10 treatments are recommended! The treatment lasts 45 minutes. Treatments are done every second or third day. The treatment included legs, abdomen and waist! We particularly emphasize the need to treat all of these regions, at every treatment!

Is the massage with collagen painful?

Painful sensation during and after the first few treatments is possible, as with classical anti-cellulite massage! Some people in the treatment just enjoy, and some feel uneasy as it passes over parts that are seriously affected by cellulite.

How much treatment is needed for successful Brazilian maderotherapy?

At least two sets of 10 treatments are recommended! The treatment lasts 45 minutes! Treatments are done every other or every third day. Treatment covers whole legs, stomach and waist.

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