• "Take care of your body, it's the only place you can live."

    - Jim Rohn


Madero Education Center is the first center of madero therapy in BiH. The main goal of the center is to provide superior service and education in the field of maderotherapy, physiotherapy and cosmetology. The satisfaction of every client is in the first place.

Through the skillful hands of our therapists, more than 11 000 satisfied women have passed, whose results can be seen on our site as well as on social profiles. Each new client for us presents a new opportunity to prove and justify the trust shown. We have clients all over Europe and we are used to working according to strict standards.

So far, our trainings and seminars have passed hundreds of students, many of whom now have their own salons and private businesses, of which they live quite well. Experienced attendees of our seminars earn up to 2000e a month from Brazilian madera therapy and education of new candidates.

By training in one of our educations, you get all the necessary skills and skills needed to open your salon. All you need is a little learning and space of 20m2. Complete the training at Madero Center, join the association and become a certified educator in your city.

The educational center of maderotherapy is located in the Banja Luka settlement Petrićevac, at the address Kupreška bb.

And so I really can not believe it! Before I'm very pleased. Never had anything like this, and honestly, I did not expect anything after 2 treatments. Every honor, you are no.1!
Jelena R.
I am in shock, that such a visible change from only these two times, every honor, you are really wonderful and professional!
Mirjana B.
I really like it and I see a change in the mirror like this. I thank you for all the bells to all your friends, Every Honor you!
Milana B.
You have no idea how happy I am, it can not be described in words, I feel like a child who dreams about a certain toy, and one day it becomes a dream. Every honor, all praise!
Ivana R.
Woooow I can not believe it! The results are fantastic. I am very pleased and warmly recommend to everyone. Stack results and images before and after their profile.
Jovana L.



Below are educators who have completed education and
doctors in our center and now successfully share
the knowledge they have gained here and lead to different
education in the country and abroad.

Marijana Petković, Educator

Marijana is an impressive woman and Mrkonjic city, and also an educator in front of our center, which in a surprisingly short time managed to master the skills of Brazilian maderotherapy, classical maderotherapy, as well as other treatments, such as embroidery of silk eyelashes and the upgrade of lashes Russian volume.

Classic Maderotherapy
Brazilian Maderotherapy
Silky Eyelashes
tamara udovicic makeup

Tamara Udovičić, Educator Associate

Tamara Udovičić is a self-taught talented makeup artist. Make-up deals with teenage days, when she is from a hobby before four years, 2015. love for cosmetics, makeup and beautification of others turned into work. Tamara, because of her works and the environment who wanted to learn from her, her techniques and rules of make-up, decided two years ago that her love for make-up, by highlighting the best on women, her selfless interest is shared and transferred to new generation of makeup artists, and then for the first time organized the School of Makeup.



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The photos below are made after completing the education
some of our students. Today these women are successful
therapists in their cities. Some of them
became members of the Madero Center.

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