Maderotherapy is a special type of anti-cellulite massage (deep massage of tissue), which is performed by specially designed wooden blinds, rollers and cups! Basically this anti-cellulite The technique is stimulation of lymphatic drainage, which is the first and basic step in the fight against resistant cellulite on the feet and buttocks. This massage is a better alternative to a regular massage for people who are struggling with body disproportion, stubborn fatty deposits and cellulite.

So far through our education for maderotherapy has passed more than a hundred students, many of whom today have their own salons and private businesses, of which they live quite well. Experienced students of our seminars earn up to 2000e per month from the treatment and education of new candidates.

By doing education for classical maderotherapy in our center, you get all the necessary knowledge and skills needed to open your salon. All you need is a little learning and space of 20m2. Complete the training at Madero Center, join the association and become certified educator in your city.

The educational center of maderotherapy is located in the Banja Luka settlement Petrićevac, at the address Kupreška bb. Working hours of the center are every working day from 08:00 to 16:00 hours.